crypto kitties are the kind if the digital and collectible kind of tasks, they can also built on the type of the Ethereal of the Block chain ,they can also use to bought purchase or to sell their selves as well, there major target is to create the kind of new sort of cats with the help of their several varying of the characters and their traits and attribute,

The amount of the two crypto kitties that can used to be bred their new sort of genetics kind of attribute and also their genetics sort of combinations of their parents as well.

Loveable Digital Kittens Are Clogging Ethereum's Blockchain - CoinDesk

In each breeding pair when one for their cats acts as their sire and it will have a same sort of the recovery period before it can also breed again and then work on the crypto kitties as well they are so much into the work right now.

There are number of top sale in the cryptom kitties foe example we have character names like 0.336 ETH have worth of almost 1000 thousand dollar USD and same as that the character name 0.5 ETH is almost 1300 USD dollar sales, this variations in the money show the different value of the market value of the crypto currencies.

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