Battle of Optimus is the type of gaming tournament in one place where you can enjoy playing a different types of games for free like you don’t need any single penny of money to start your worthful and joyful experience ever in the gaming world.

If you go and check out the website of the game you will see how exciting about, feature, and player it have to make the game more mesmerizing for yourself.

DBX: Optimus Prime (Movies) vs Optimus Prime (G1) by Simbiothero on  DeviantArt

There are almost 30 million-plus players in the game right now through this you can easily examine and find out how cool this game could be to play more there is just not the game to play, there are so many ways through which we can earn and enjoy the worthful game and Also get the chance to get the giveaways, giveaways no doubt make the make more exciting and wonderful.

Other than giveaways still there are so many reasons why you need to install this game as this game contain 10,000 dollars plus weekly prices as well and you can find out each detail easily just all you need is to visit their website and you are all ready to let yourself into the most wonderful experience you ever make.

These games called their players heroes, heroes that are strong powerful, and magical kind of heroes

There are so many domains of the warriors in the games like  there are different characters that help you to differentiate between the type of the warrior the more good you play the more extraordinary experience you can make in it.

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