BLOCKCHAIN that is based on the traceability of the seafood industry of the cryprocurrency

Fish coins have been designed and made via a network of peer-peer that allowed the stakeholder of the industry and company to increment and boost the power and strength of the blockchain using a protocol that tends to be shared protocol so that the data that is obtained is trusted and well managed also it needs to be transparent and secure enough as well.

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A digital voucher that is used to be incentives data which will share, so that the flow of the token of the digital vouchers that are moving from buyer to seller or we can say vise versa in the process of the supply chain, also there is the facility of rewarding that one who put a lot of their efforts to capture and also communicate data of the individual

 This whole process tends and helpful to shift the economic burden which also results in a certain way that it will downstream actors such as restaurant and hotels and also the retailers who will at least helpful for the process of the traceability An ecosystem approach industry transformation unlike there are so many BLOCKCHAIN initiatives, the base of the fish coins is not on the central company or the entity, instead it is used to be designed to be the decentralization ecosystems that incentivizes data capture so that the ecosystem of the companies and also the third-party developers can result in adding the value to the network of the ecosystem

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