Are Cryptokitties Still a Thing ?

If you wonder to know or if you are interested in why crypto kitty is still a thing the first thing that should be in your mind is that crypto kitty attracting serious money. The store through which we can enable and enjoy the purchase and sale of the cryptocurrency name Opensea once announced that seed equity fund of two million dollars there are a lot more expensive funding happens in the crypto kitties and the reason why we think that there is a lot of funding for crypto kitties is that this game was the first to the mainstream case for the blockchain of the Ethereum, it uses the smart contract to enable the trade between the owner of the kitties


The craze of crypto kitties spreads when there is a lot of traffic witnessed and flooded in the blockchain of Ethereum. This game involves the breeding of digital cats which help to generate progeny which due to the heavy traffic become more valuable as time passed, there are so many means for buying this kitty like through thorium, ether, and native tokens, if we estimated the value of trade we can calculate in the way that over 1.5 million user did the transactions of about forty million dollar worth of transaction the average sale price of the cryptocurrency at that time $65.76

It is used for the cases for other industries like for example we can say that it takes responsibility for the popularity of most games, this success of the crypto kitties lead to the improvement in the market of cryptocurrencies although the investment in cryptocurrencies is risky still the popularity of the crypto kitties are so much in the time that so many people make money out from it

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