Axie infinity is the price has a lot of evaluation it is changing day by day you need to check out about them every time to get the better knowledge about them every time nowadays we can see that it is on demand every time ,also the rate it high and the demand of the crypto the more price increase as per the demand, the accurate demand of the coin today’s is 4125 which is 4059 in March 5 this show how fast the amount and price of the the crypto change to explain you about the key matrix we can see that the M.cap (C.r) it is almost 23,478 and (#C.r). Is 6.09 today , and also the M.cap .Rank is 31 max supply is 27.00 which is the quite good amount as per the sources as well.

Blockchain Gaming and the Rise of Axie Infinity – Niko

The return of the axie rely on the time as well we can see that it changes every time as the time passed the more it become authentic there are a lot of levels for that like for example in high level in day one the value is 4194, in week one the value is 4786 and also the value of one month is 5694 and atlast the value of one year is 13549.

In low level the value are even more different, and this high and low level define the returns of the levels as well the return must be in the percentage to give the accurate amount of evaluation there are also so many comparison in the axle infinity and the enchain as well but the value and evaluation of the axie infinity is mostly better in the every condition.

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