Axie Infinity is the NFT based video game that is online developed by the well-known studio of Vietnamese name Sky Mavis known for their expertise in the in-game economy which is usually used Ethereum based cryptocurrencies for their platform

The blockchain is the edge technology to reward the player to play games used by the game Axie infinity, which is build up the collection of games and try to expand it all around the world

Axie Infinity — Play to Earn is here!

If we talk about the marketplace of the Axie infinity game that we get to know 43,713 which is recently listed in the Axie land items, we can take part in a different type of the game strategies of the game like we for battle domain player have to select the blockchain gaming playing to earnt the best chance to get revolution with Axie infinity

For the availability, we can say that it is not available in the usual google and app pay store as this is the non-fungible token and blockchain-based games

There are a lot of ways through which we can earn money like through selling love potions, there are several platforms but the age should be at least 18 If you are interested to buy the Axie infinity then all you need to do is open an online account for that first the investment required in AXS, and also most importantly exchange account for the platform that supports the token of Axie infinity, although buying a wallet for that specific work is optional but again a good option if you plan on actively trading the cryptocurrency

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