Splinterlands (SPS) is the new type of cryptocurrency governance the token, which will later be integrated into the level of decision-making sort of ability and shown as the cryptocurrency game which relies on the control over product based gameplays where player have their asset in the lay and they are the asset owners and stakeholder of the cryptocurrency, earn money while playing the game.

Splinterlands Increases Play-to-Earn Requirements - Play to Earn

There are so many through which we can buy cryptocurrency one way to buy them is, first we need to create an account on the Binance platform, through which we can get the Ethereum and the  address of the Bitcoin wallet, now for the next step we need to purchase re bitcoin through the source of Visa or master card at the platform of the Binance, after this step now we have to buy Splinterland token by using BTC, at the specifies and selected price, after the submission of the money you will notice that your wallet in Binance is full of splinderland coins

Working on the splinter coins is that is the type of governance token that trade on the smart chain of Binance through which players get the chance to involve and participate in the decision making of the future platform this platform was introduced in the form of token in the year 2021 in July

Now if we talk about how we are going to play on the Slingerlands to earn first  we need to set an account in the Meta mask or Binance and follow the procedure of how to buy the cryptocurrencies, then we need to have a check on splinterlands website, after this, we need to connect the Meta mask wallet that is connected to the games we play, then we need to buy the spellbook as well like through cryptocurrencies or the app name Paypal

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