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There are two aspects one is a block chain based digital kind of assets that are the type of tokens or cryptocurrencies, the major difference in them is that we can say that cryptocurrencies have their type of blockchain on the other hand for the token they are built on the existing of blockchain.

How true is the assumption that a crypto coin will always be valuable than  a crypto token? - Quora

Another difference is that cryptocurrencies are the native asset of blockchain for example RBTC, BTC, ETH  o the other hand token is built and used smart contracts, most commonly EIP-20 tokens are the important example for that 

In the process that cryptocurrencies operated independently and use the platform that is their own, the token is the type of cryptocurrency that build on their top of another blockchain that is already existed, all crypto is not token but all the tokens are crypto.

A token is the way of representation of the particular or respective utility or asset with the context or respect of blockchain technology also token has programmable logic in the smart contract That is deployed to the blockchain on the other hand in a blockchain there is the built-in logic of protocol of blockchain.

In the blockchain the cryptocurrency blockchain like Bitcoin is the one who directly based on its respective adoption as the medium of exchange,  the value of the token utility is based on the adaption as the mechanism that is staking on the other hand token is the decentralized application that also shares the advantages underlying in the blockchain, but also they don’t need any independent infrastructure

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