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Web 3.0 which is also known as web 3 is the new concept and idea of the repetition of the worldwide web that actually integrates the decentralization that is based on the block chain, it is usually contrasted with web2.0 wherein content and data are centralized in the group of small companies that is sometimes referred to as “Big Tech” .

Web3: Qué es y cuál será su impacto en la Internet - Mentinno - Formacion  Gerencial Blog

The reputation of the web 3.0 the data generations by increasingly powerful resources that are computing and by disparate includes sensors, mobile phones, appliances, desktop, and vehicles will be sold by the users through data networking of decentralization, looking into the fact that the ownership control retain under the users.

The example for the web 3.0 applications are Apple`s Siri and Wolfram Alpha which is beneficial to precise and summarise a large amount of information and knowledge into useful actions for the people.

The process web 3.0 is also called the semantic web which includes several technologies in order to structure or arrange data we can also search from google to make it available and also usable by the software and programs, thankful to metadata system for such features, to display animated many websites are also using this technology.

There are a lot of characteristics that are key of web 3.0 tools to find in the literature review include artificial intelligence, semantic nature, interoperability, personal assistance learning, multimedia information.

If we are going to compare both webs then we can see that web 2.0 only motivates data sharing and web 3.0 engages the dynamic executes machines interaction content as devices like automobiles, smartphones that are highly connected to the internet.

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