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The open sea is the marketplace for domain names, trading cards, virtual lands, music, and NFTs, NFTs are the type of non-fungible token these types of tokens cannot be reproduced, although we considered that open sea is safe but still there are a lot of scams you should be aware of  while working in that market place.

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Open sea has a lot of tokens, we can say that there are 150 different payments token available in the market such as $WHALE, USDC, and $UNI, it is currently not possible to do transactions of an open sea  using the non-crypto currencies for example Euro and USD.

There are a lot of ways through which we can work with Open sea for that we just need to simply put in the plugin a web3 wallet for example Meta mask and then we need to go to the meta browser tab, listen to the free charge, and if the items have been sold successfully, then the Open sea will be charged as 2.5% fees on the price that is come from the final sale.

To understand the concept of making money through the marketplace of the open sea, we can assume it in the way that escrow service for the collectibles of the blockchain, is also free to use for the buyer of the NFTs, n the open sea system the seller of the NFTs pays a 2,5 % of commission on a type of sales made in the respective system.

There are so many ways through which we can sell the domain on the open sea, first of all, we have to navigate open sea and then drift over your profile, after that we have to click on “ my profile” then we need to click on the domain we want to sell, then there is the sell button in the top right corner we need to click on that choosing among all the selling options mentions, then we need to complete the details and select the option “complete your listing”  . 

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