The type of currency or money in which digital currency is uncontrollable delivered and only in the control by their developers, and used through an online electronic source of the medium among the specific virtual community and members
First of all the currency is digital where all the necessary assets and commodity are in the form of the digital medium, then the virtual currency is generated which is the uncontrollable type of digital currency, then this currency is converted into cryptocurrency which is a virtual currency in nature

Virtual currencies: what are the risks and benefits? | News | European  Parliament

There are several kinds of virtual currencies introduced from the year 2013- 2021 estimated 6000 currencies, in which most of the currencies are not even that important to discuss or they are not that vast in the field, top 20 among them are considered and estimated to produce more than 90% of the market in the total market
Some people considered E-money and virtual currency the same which is not true at all as E-money is the type of digital presentation of determination by the authority used as the medium of electronic transfer value that is interpreted in a determination by the authority example of this type of currency are WEB MONEY, CashU, etc., on the other hand, virtual currencies are produced by their operators or by their community of the anyone who used it, it doesn’t involve in any kind of determination by authority example of this type of currency are Name coin, Bitcoin, etc.

Just like any other kind of currencies virtual currency is based on the number of users they have and number of clients and project efficiency through this they build their perceived value, the scarcity of the coins depends on the demand of coins in the market more the demand the utility and scarcity of the currency increased, the market capitalization is more important than coin price because it is the straight forward indicator of the value of the coin and currency in the market hence it is considered as the important aspect when we talk about the virtual currency

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