DEX stands for decentralization exchanges (data communication) is the type of cryptocurrency exchange which always allow the direct type of transactions which is cryptocurrency transactions to take place firmly and there is no need for any involvement of an intermediary medium.

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A decentralization exchange that is better to be known as DEX is the kind of market placed where there is the direct transaction take place between the crypto traders, it is used to fulfill the core possibilities of the crypto `core such as fostering the financial transactions that are without the involvement of any payment processors, bank, brokers or any other kind of intermediary medium.

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The DEX that is decentralization exchange is also the kind of marketplace that connect the seller and buyer involved in the cryptocurrency in one place, as compared to the (CEXs) centralized exchanges, decentralization platforms are non-protective in this type of mean the user private keys remain in control when anything is about to transfer or transaction occur on a DEX platform.

Samsung is the type of DEX is the sort of inherent application present on some high-end devices which allow the facility to use any Samsung phone on “desktop-like”, they also implemented this facility in their latest smartphones, allow any on S10/ S20 and also in Note 21 the process done in the way that the user has to connect the phone to the station name docking and then they are capable to use their smartphones as the personal mobile computer.

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