Sale is the type of transfer or trading of ownership and possession of seller or property to the purchaser or buyer in exchange or price that is paid on spot or promise to be paid in advance, in installment or deferred payment, it is necessary that all the rights of the commodity, assets, property have been sold to the buyer completely with all the lawful conditions, the one who sells the commodity should have the complete possession and ownership of that good to transfer it to another person.

Foreign Exchange (Forex) Definition

Meaning of sale is describe in so many places it is the contract between two parties in which one has the possession of commodity and then the same person have to exchange the commodity in return he will get the price of that commodity, the certain price has been decided at the time contract has been made, in exchange, he have to exchange the title of the possession and also the owner of the possession.
This is the must to do a thing to exchange the ownership of the commodity and in return, he will get the price that is decided all the conditions have to be discussed before the contract has been made to avoid any negligence afterward price and quality and quantity of the commodity have to decide in advance.
There is a large difference between sale and exchange in sale ownership is transferred for a price on the other hand the exchange happens when the commodity happens to be exchange but not in term of price, in exchange the ownership of the commodity is that when the transfer of ownership of one thing with the ownership of another thing, and no money is involved in it, sale refer to only immovable property on the other hand exchange happen between movable and immovable properties and no money is at all involved in it

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