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The new trend of concept is that now we play and earn through gaming, play to earn games always depend or rely on the technology name block Chain, as we need to earn a different type of items that is in the form of crypto token while playing the games, the process is known as staking, we can also earn the (NFTs) that is a nonfungible token. On the other hand, so many games offer digital assets mention above and also reward the respective time.

Online Gaming: A Look at the Best Software Providers

We can explain the play-to-earn by participating in the economy of the game, play need to create and generate value for the developers or the other players, in return for this they will get the reward of the game’s assets, this reward can be in the form of digital assets that are ranged from games resources in the form of cryptocurrencies that is tokenized on the blockchain.

Not all games but there are some games through which we can earn a good amount of money for example Paid game player, second life, one of the most popular RPG strategies that are multiplayer games EXODUS3000, Swag bucks it is rewarded the playing after they used the search engine of the Swag bucks.

There are three resources of income for the gamers money they earned from the live streaming, games won in the tournament and get the prize bonds, brand partnership.

Nowadays the trend of play to earn games is increasing every time new forms has been generated for example playing particularly play to earn in the Philippines, simply we need to play to earn games provide the best chances and opportunity for the gamer and players to earn money and token just by playing games online.

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