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Trust wallet Dapp is the kind of app in which browser provides the simple API for the developers of the D App to create the efficient multichain applications, currently, our API allows to get signed for the transaction and to get the sign transaction and accounts, with both of the Android and IOS.

BUY $MTK with Trustwallet - Metakings

The trust wallet work and also act as a bridge or medium to connect the blockchain individuals and their respective nodes, the trust wallet helps to send and receive the crypto amount and to manage your address for that purpose, the following app provides the ability to the user to perform the transactions of another cryptocurrency, for example, staking and trading, Binance holding limited is the owner of the trust wallet .

Wallet connect is the type of open protocol for connecting the desktop Dapps to the following wallet of mobile using encryption that is end to end by scanning the QR code, the user can interact with any type of DApp without compromising their private keys and later they sign up for the transaction on the request of the mobile.

The trust wallet app is the type of official crypto app, you can send and receive the store for the bitcoin and also the other type of cryptocurrency including the safety of NFT that is secured by the trust wallet app.

Bitcoin is the first type of Dapp, and Ethereum become the primary growth driver of the ecosystem of the dApp, it has the smart contracts, user base, and network effect.

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