What is Splinterland Edge?

Splinterlands is considered as one of the sources to earn money it is either played on the mobile phone or the web browser as well it includes in the type of play to earn games, every card that we have to obtain a nonfungible token that is NFT, which become the property that we can sell them in the marketplace for money

There is a way to earn money in this games earning in this game have worth.

What is Splinterlands? (DEC and SPS) - Asia Crypto Today

DEC that is dark energy crystals is the type of game token, which is earned by the players after winning battles, inactivities games, selling cards, or many other factors, you can also select the customized summoner to build your army in the game, and also tend to watch out the Duke of its supremacy tactics.

There is one restriction or rule we can say in this type of game is that once you start it you never control the battle and also do not impact the result anyways

 There are different ways through which we can effectively and efficiently increase the number of the army to boost our respective performance in the game  of splinterland the three ways to acquire the armies are

The first one is the buy packs scheme where there is always the pack of sale going on, you have options to purchase the PayPal or the crypto, also you may use your DEC to purchase the pack. another one is chests you have rewarded the chest for properly complete to reach the higher league or fulfill the daily quest, and lastly aftermarket this is built in the market scheme where there is the difficulty of finding the exact card but you should wait to find the rare card that will help you afterward

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