What is Crypto Kitties?

Crypto kitties are the type of blockchain game which is introduced by Canadian studio name Dapper Labs based on Ethereal, it involves sell and purchase of virtual cats, breed. The main purpose is to attempt the deploy blockchain-based technology for leisure and recreation, it is released On November year 2017,

CryptoKitties Guide: Types of Kitties - NFT's Street

In the year 2018 march 20 it was told to people that Crypto kitties  would be twirled off into their sort of country that is based on Dapper Labs and also raised the amount of $ 12 million from several angel investors and the topmost venture capital firms of the society

If we talk about the average sale price then we get to know that the average price of the crypto kitties was $65.76 and the single piece of the crypto kitty is sold for the amount of $300000 per piece these stats are according to some people not everyone

Now if we talk about the process of how crypto kitties can be bought and if you are interested then let me tell you the process for that first step is very basic and well known that we need to install the Coin base wallet for using any cryptocurrency or crypto kitties as well, then we have to choose and select the crypto username as this will further help us to proceed to buy cryptocurrency, then we need to securely store the phrase of recovery for installing the cryptocurrency, we later need to plan and understand for the Ethereum network fees as then the feature we got offered will work accordingly, after this step we have to transfer and buy the ETH that is Ethereum to the wallet of the coin base, we need to buy this Ethereum because for the next step we will further use it to buy the Kitty Inu in the trade tab this is given in the app

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