In the splinter shards are the whitepaper cities in which we  can easily earn tokens and earn money from them, but If you want to earn as the player then the airdrop is the better and quite good option for you as it is the most relevant source of earning for newcomers or beginner

 For earning in the splinterland first we need to buy it from the market like creating a Binance account for it for this we need to firstly visit the Binance website for sure.

Splinterlands, Popular MultiPlayer Digital Collectible Trading Card Game,  to Integrate with WAX

Then after this whole step, we need to it the first bitcoin ever which is the main sept of all the process of buying it, then after this, we need to transfer the crypto to an Altcoin exchange Gateio, which Is the kind of mandatory step, then we need to deposit BTC to exchange, then after this process, we need to trade splinterland which later on help us to earn more and more

SPS airdrop another type of the splinterland that will also until summer 2022 that is there to issue the daily reward of the SPS to player of the proportionally related to the amount of the specific point of the overall relevant poll which Is somehow look like a Wordplay

Anywhere we have the stake in splinterland we will tend to earn all those specific points, we are earning according to the power of the cards we have the rarer our card is maybe the more earning we could have which is obvious and also the more of the share we have in the airdrop

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