Blockchain is the type of system to record information in a way where no one can change it or cheat or even hack it from the system, it is essentially a ledger of transactions that is distributed or duplicated throughout the entire system of network of the computer on the blockchain.

The question arises about blockchain that how it works and what is the purpose for this strategy, so blockchain is the way Is the platform through which we can get the digital information record and distribution where they can`t be changed nor edited, so we can say that blockchain is the type of platform of the transactions that can be destroyed, hacked, altered or deleted 

How Blockchain Technology Can Benefit the Internet of Things

It is the chain of blocks that contain information. For example, A Bitcoins block contains information about the number of bitcoins, sender, the receiver that is needed to be transferred, the very first bitcoin chain or block is called Genesis block  

In very simple words we can say that bitcoins is the type of coins or the data structure that holds a transactional record while ensuring any kind of decentralization, security, or transparency, it is the type of block or chain that is not at all controlled by any single authority.

The Future of Blockchain Technology: Top Five Predictions for 2030

It is the type of technology that enable the presence and existence of cryptocurrencies, it is the name of best known as the crypto currency used widely, and it is the one that is regarded as the one who introduced the blockchain technology 

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