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There is a minor difference between these three terms IDO, ICO, and IEO, it is being said that IDO and IEO are the same in general except in some points lime, for example, the fundraising process in the platform that is hosted by them situation happens when the ICO in the house is host by the IEO in which exchange of centralization happen, they are Same is one of the condition the time when the IEO and ICO and IDO are in condition but a kind of exchange in centralization tend to be replaced by the decentralized.

ICO, STO, IEO, and IDO: What is the Difference?

To explain the term IEO it was a getting exchange and also involved in conducting the sale and of the token, on the other hand with an ISO there is always a third-party platform that is there for the vetting while exchanging the profit sale token that is happening there in the somewhere among the fashion of the decentralization, through this two explanation we better get the idea about the importance of the IEO and IDO in the crypto market and how people get benefits from them in a different manner, we also get the idea that sometimes they act different and sometimes they act this varies from situation to situations.

There’s re so many times when we see that ICO react same as IDO as the part of the successor of the initial coin infamous offering that is IDO and ICO is also the way that is a foolproof way for the projects to raise a different kind of funds from the development and growth of the bootstrap themselves.

For the differences of the IEO, ICO, and IDO we can say that investors in ICO are everyone whoever wants, in IDO include exchange users, for counterparty ICO there is the involvement in the project team, and in IEO there is the exchange happens, contribution happening in ICO through the smart contract and thorough the IEO it happens through the exchange profile. Administration happens with the help of missing of ICO and exchange of IEO.

Project evolution in ICO is not produced ICO and in the project evaluation produced by the exchange.

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